HMRC is a name that all individuals in UK and the world around can trust with closed eyes. However, this reliability is now a reason to be scared of being misled and thus robbed. Such an alarming situation has been created due to many fraud emails in the name of HMRC which ask for several financial details and passwords from people. Most of the people having complete faith in the name of HMRC gives away the details and consequently are robbed of all their money. Therefore one must understand the genuinity of any emails asking for details that are very confidential. If you suspect that you have not received a genuine HMRC email then use the HMRC phone number to let them know.

The Different Forms Of Fraudulent E-mails-It is not that the fake and misguiding e-mails are only for bank details or passwords. There can be several types of such e-mails pertaining to various issues of official procedures. Such cases can be listed down as follows-

  • E-mails Bearing Website Links For Services Provided By Government: There can be various convincing e-mails which may ask one’s personal details for extending services like renewing passport or may be renewal of a driving license. Such e-mails can also bear links for issuing European Health Insurance Cards. The language of the e-mails and the links are so convincing that people can very easily fall in the trap and consequently disclo9de all personal information.


  • Phishing E-mails Asking For Bank Details In The Name Of HMRC: There are emails that bear the name of HMRC and ask for personal details related to bank accounts, private payments, and financial transactions and so on. One must keep in mind that a responsible UK Government body like HMRC shall never send an e-mail or a text message asking for such details out of the blue. If any information is required by HMRC then obviously there will be issue of authentic letters from the department and the process will be long and reliable. However, such emails most of the time bear the fake logo and signatures which can easily misguide people.
  • E-mails Related To Immigration And Visas: Apart from financial details, there are some emails which talk of visas and immigration. They claim for money against issuing a visa. More surprisingly, they ask for money either in cash or through money transfer. People who are not aware of the actual visa and immigration processes may believe in such forgery without a question. One must understand that no Government body asks for payment against a visa by cash or money transfer just by writing an e-mail. There are authentic procedures extended by the Visa office in this respect.

Steps To Be Taken Against Such Fraudulent E-mails:If any person receives such e-mails then he or she can report the same to the Government of UK with the following details-


  • Forwarding the URL or the fraud website or the email that misguided you to the concerned Govt. department
  • How the website was found
  • What made you feel that it was a genuine Government website
  • In case of HMRC phishing emails the suspicious e-mail has to be forwarded to
  • In case of disclosure of personal information you need to simply inform to HMRC about the details you have already provided.
  • In case of fraudulent emails related to visa and immigration inform the concerned Govt. Body about the emails you have received and the details you have provided by mistake
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Gone are the days of making manual payments of VAT returns. With the blessings of online facilities, payments of VAT return and many other such things is possible with online programs accredited by HMRC. The process of payments is easy with printable online receipts. Therefore, there will no mo troubles for late payments of VAT returns. However, before using any online software program for the payment of VAT returns, one must first visit the website of HMRC and type the name of the program. If it appears under the program lists approved by HMRC, then only the online VAT payments can be made via the selected program. Apart from choosing the HMRC accredited VAT submission software program, one has to primarily register his business house name online with HMRC. After all that is done, one is ready for making the VAT return payments.

The Process Of Making The Payments: All one needs is to keep enough funds in the bank account so that online transfers can be made without hassles. Then just by logging into the online Vat payment program and clicking on the options, the payments can be made easily. It is far quicker process than the manual payments and most importantly, it enables a person to pay the VAT returns within proper deadlines as it can be done anytime with a simple mouse click.

Generation Of Receipts And Storage Of Documents: After payment of the returns, the program automatically generates a receipt which is of course printable. So it is suggested to keep a hard copy of the receipt for future reference. Again, a confirmation about the receipt of the returns by HMRC will sent to the individual via e-mail. If the e-mail is not received, then one needs to check up with HMRC and sign up properly for getting the documentations correctly. After the VAT returns have been submitted successfully, a copy of the online transaction will be kept in the VAT account and will be available for 15 months. Yet, it is wise to take print outs of the transaction document for future references as because, all financial documents for six years at a stretch is required for verifications or other purposes.

Advantages Of Using Online VAT Payment Programs Of HMRC: previously, VAT payments were done in a traditional way through post boxes of the local tax offices. It was not only a long and tedious process but due to the requirement of visiting the office and then paying the returns, most of the time the returns would be paid late. However, with the online option available now, one can easily make the payments within seconds from anywhere on earth provided there are enough funds in the bank. As far as documentations are concerned, every receipt is available online and can be stored in hard copy after taking a print out of it. The proof of the transaction is also available in the VAT account. So one has to select the correct online software program and keep entering the data regularly into it and then making the payments on time with just a simple mouse click.

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Payment of taxes at the right time and making proper financial transactions to get a clean chit from the tax investigation systems is perhaps the sole reason of tension amongst individuals and businessmen around the world. However, it’s a fact that most of the people are not aware of the correct ways of dealing with financial transactions or acting as per the proper rules of establishing a business. Therefore understanding the HMRC tax investigation system can enable people to be safe from harassments as far as tax payments are concerned.


Meaning Of HMRC And Its Chief unctions: HMRC stands for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. It is a body under the UK Government which is not under any Ministry. This department is responsible for collection of taxes. Apart from the collection of taxes, HMRC also deals with the payment of some state support as well as the administration of various government regulations such as payment of national minimum wages. Therefore any kind of underpayments relating to the areas of jurisdiction by HMRC can be subject to investigations and definitely punishable.

A Clean Concept About HMRC Tax Investigations: If an individual receives a letter from HMRC for a tax investigation then obviously it’s an implication to the fact that the department feels that the individual has in some way underpaid his taxes. So very simply, a tax investigation by HMRC means an enquiry through every detailed transactions and legal affairs of an UK individual, a business house or may be some other entities. They have the right to generate enquiries in every matter that falls under their jurisdiction such as VAT, Income Tax, Tax Credits, Capital Gains and Corporation Taxes. So when any individual or business entity falls under the tax investment proceedings then surely there is some information with the Tax Inspector which leads him to believe that the individuals or entities are creating tax losses for the Government. HMRC investigation also pertains to speculate and identify individuals or businesses that are operating outside the tax system and therefore robbing off the government from its justified tax collections.

Different Forms Of UK Tax Investigations:There are different types of tax investigations under different codes of the HMRC systems such as-

  • Investigation on Self Assessment Tax Return- It’s a check up over the different aspects of one’s self assessment returns.
  • Code of Practice 9- It is a very speculative and top to bottom investigation procedure for detecting serious tax fraud suspects
  • I.F or Civil Investigation of Fraud- This is another tax investment conducted under Code of practice 9 where the detected underpaid taxes are minimum 75,000 pounds
  • Special investigations- These investigations are for suspected tax frauds where minimum amount is 500,000 pounds
  • Tax Credit Investigations- These investigations are related to tax credits of the individuals or the businesses
  • VAT investigations- These procedures are for enquiring over suspected underpaid VATs

A good thing about HMRC’s investigations now is that they allow mild and comfortable settlements for individuals or business entities who admit their underpayments of taxes. HMRC also launches campaigns for such voluntary disclosures.

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